A Must Have for the Christmas Spirit - Christmas is all about love and family. Bring joy to your family with these pretty calendar gift bags. Take your holiday decorations up a notch this year!


Let the Count Down Begin - Our Advent Calendar gift bags come with thermos vinyl prints of Christmas tree or stars with numbers from 1-24. Christmas is jubilation! Gather your family around, make a tradition of counting the days down to Christmas. Put in a present in each of the bags, and open them daily as the days leading up to Christmas.


Easy to Set Up – Your package comes with 24 gift bags and a rope measuring around 10 feet (approx 3 m ). Jute ribbons come along the bags to decorate it and make a perfect Christmas present. You can cut the rope into smaller pieces, or use it as a whole to hang these treats filled bags. Ideal places for hanging are over your fireplace, Christmas tree, doors, or walls.


Made from 100% linen.

Size: 3.9 x 4.7 inches ( 10x12 cm)


Color: off white (ivory) with golden print


Choose print style : 

- Christmas tree

- stars



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Advent Calendar Bags to Fill - 24 days Christmas Countdown


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