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"My daughter is my muse"

Even before I had my first daughter, I always dreamed of creating something like a small business or an interesting hobby that I could do while on maternity leave.

Here in Lithuania, we have the wonderful opportunity to raise our newborn children at home for up to two years, so I thought I would have plenty of time.

I thought and thought about what I could do, but nothing special came to mind, until one day.

It was a big day – our first daughter’s very first birthday, so I put a lot of effort into planning it.

I invited some friends round, and as my brother had lent me an instant camera, I thought it would be a great idea to create a theme party.

That’s when the idea of a Native American Indian theme crossed my mind. I started by creating some headbands along with our first teepee...

The party went really well, and after a week, I decided to make my daughter a proper teepee – and it all took off from here: my teepees, my storage baskets, hobby horses, blankets, and everything.


It was a tremendous success.

Then I took the idea a step further and made a teepee for my friend's dog. The dog loved it! And that was the beginning of my pet teepee era.

I believe I was a pioneer of the pet teepee – now a popular item from many producers.

We now have MINICAMP teepees for almost all pets, from hedgehogs to rabbits, from cats to huskies. Even guinea pigs and hamsters like them!

So I say thank you, my daughter, for all this! ;)


Now MINICAMP® evolved to a brand of handmade, uniquely designed goods for your loved ones. The products are created and made at my family owned workshop in the north of Europe, Lithuania.

We are the one-stop shop for the highest quality of teepees for kids and pets. Our premium quality textiles and materials in all our products provide not only the comfort but also luxury.

Driven by innovative designs, our products are a signature blend of natural materials, trendy colors, and ultra-soft fabrics. That’s why we deliver kids and pets great experience all while enriching your home’s interior with beautiful decorative designs!

Hundreds of happy customers are the proof of our success. We are the top-rated seller on Etsy. You can always check our genuine feedback here. Visit our Instagram profile to see a lot of happy customers, who send us photos with our products in their interiors.

We do care about the environment. Now our products come in earth-friendly packaging. Our textiles and filling are OEKO-TEX® standard certified to be free from harmful chemicals. We use eco-friendly untreated wood.

MINICAMP® produce not only the teepees. Check our collections of kids’ room decorations, baby pillows, eco toys, baby blankets, burp cloths, teepee accessories and more!

Me and my daughter in one of the first teepees. My son stars in the video.



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